Christian Home Based Business

Let Us Help You Find a Christian Home Based Business!

Are you a Christian looking for a home-based business or income-earning opportunity? Or maybe you've got your own product, service or 'BIG IDEA' to launch? Would you be interested in writing a book, creating products or exploring working with Christians in other worthwhile income-producing opportunities? Would you like to learn more about how you can be involved in 'Market Place Ministry'? As an example of something that may interest you - check out these opportunities by clicking here: MyDHLife + Passive with Purpose.


Compare Different Work From Home Opportunities

Here's some great news: We can help you find a Christian home-based business that may work with your own unique lifestyle. We know of existing opportunities that could be a good fit for you. However, it's not a case of one-size-fits-all. Some businesses have started with a particular Christian vision or mission, and there are other companies that Christians work with because they recognize something good in those businesses. Finally, the decision is up to you (and you need to do your own due diligence), but there may be something we know of that you would like to try out. Fill out the "Contact Us" form to explore the possibility of a Christian Home Business Opportunity or to discuss how you could network with like-minded people. 

Equipping people for Ministry in the Market Place.

Our aim is to help equip people for ministry in the marketplace through potential Home Business Opportunities, Business Coaching, and also by networking with other Christian Entrepreneurs and business people. 

  • Skip the commute! you're only a few footsteps from your revenue-generating home office.
  • Start part-time. Build an online business at your own pace with the potential freedom to create your own schedule and work extremely flexible hours.
  • Be your own boss PLUS enjoy the potential tax benefits of operating a home-based business!

Freelance from Home

An alternative to joining an existing Christian home-based business is to start your own home business. It is possible to start your own business from home if you have a product, particular skill, or service that others would be prepared to purchase. Do you have an idea, a unique skill or ability that could be used to start a business from home? Would you like to learn biblical entrepreneurship? Do you have a hobby or something you enjoy that could become a niche marketing opportunity?